Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is the African Genesis Institute?

Greetings! We are pleased to introduce you to the weblog for the African Genesis Institute. The African Genesis Corrective History Educational Program, known as African Genesis Institute, is a proactive, 3 semester, educational and cultural program for African American and Latino youth between the ages of 7 and 14. African Genesis Institute is a “school without walls” focused on developing an understanding and awareness of the African experience in America. Over this 27-month period students are exposed to their rich and extraordinary ancient African history through 8 weekend classes and 4 field trips. At the end of the program the students sojourn to Africa where they examine the land of their ancestors and share their culture and lifestyle with African youth. All youth who desire to participate in the program are accepted and the trip to Africa is free to the students, serving as the graduation reward for those who complete the program.

The Institute was founded by Philadelphia couple, Helen and Ali Salahuddin. The Salahuddins began taking children to Africa in 1997 after years of producing positive entertainment and cultural events for students such as birthday and graduation parties, talent showcases, Kwanzaa, Juneteenth and Black Music Month events. In 2003 African Genesis Institute introduced its complete academic curriculum created by renowned curriculum specialist Dr. Edward Robinson for students 10 to 14. In 2007 the program expanded to include 7-9 year-olds with a curriculum created by Atlanta educator and author Chike Akua.

The Institute has established this blog to discuss issues important to the African Diasporan community and to showcase the activities of out organization. We have lined up an impressive roster of historians and activists to who will author thought provoking articles. Enjoy! You're in for a wild ride!